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Some of the modded grass is too dark

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Greetings! I have Cathedral+Folkvangr+OriginsOfTheForest (and patches for them, including complex grass). I've tried for hours to think about the solution but I think i just don't have enough knowledge about this stuff. So, here's the problem: some of my grass is really dark, even if i turn off ENB and ReShade. Complex grass certainly helps but some of the grass (and plants) are still dark but from the underside. I had similar issue with Verdant in the past. Disabling vertex colors on landscape didn't help at all.
Here are the pics:
The problem without ENB and Reshade: https://imgur.com/a/UZ0lo5r
With ENB and complex grass: https://imgur.com/a/jnENbgthttps://imgur.com/a/7idJlRQ

Thanks for assistance 

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Ok, something was wrong with the way i set up complex grass. I reinstalled all my grass mods, including NGIO and such. Deleted grass cache just in case. ENB ComplexGrass Fake light now works and it somewhat solves the issue - now the grass looks way better

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