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Beast Skeletons


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Beast Skeletons by Prometheus



So after giving my thought on Better Bones in the Enhanced Dragon Bones thread I thought I would see if this mod has every been suggested and I cant find it anywhere. I have been using it almost since release and it adds a ton of immersion to the game. Why is there only human skeletons in the game? There are several races to choose from and it seems as if they never die. Best part is it seems to be compatible with every other mod out there even Better Bones since it adds everything in its own special issgard folder for both meshes and textures.


Feel free to ignore the crystal one in the pic because they are not in the game at this time.

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Yeah, there are issues with the mod. While it is a cool idea, it has been made with TESSnip, and the author isn't going to upload a fixed version any time soon. If I wanted to, I could make a fixed version myself using the CK and TES5Edit, but not really tempted to do so myself unless there is high demand for such.


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Good news: Author has finally wised up and released a fixed version of this mod without the corruption. Actually, in truth, I went in TES5Edit, fixed all instances of corruption (what exactly caused that?), and he posted links to my fixed versions (same for his other mods). However, he hasn't (yet) reuploaded the files with my fixed ESPs in place. I did update BOSS to point to the patches.


...but it's going to suck a lot of bandwidth away from my Dropbox, since he appears to just be pointing to it.

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