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Hey STEP-Crew!


I'ld like to make a suggestion. Many people have already referred to it, but I don't think it has had it's own thread yet.

I would like all the version numbers of the integrated mods in every release to be added to the STEP.pdf.

Also, I would suggest every official update/preview of STEP to come along with the tested mod version.

This has several reasons:

1. Many people who don't know a lot about modding would like to have exactly the same install as the "pros".

2. Some modders add things to new versions that might conflict with other mods.

3. People who already have a Full-Step-Install can try out the updated versions of the mods to find out whether it is compatible with STEP by themselves and post their results. If a certain amount of people confirms a compatibility it can be included in a new update. If people find incompatibilities the crew or dedicated members can try to find the odd one out and delete the conflicting files of the new versions and replace them with the old versions. Then they can post a guide to implement the new version of the mod with STEP. People can decide by themselves, whether they want to go throgh the guide or just stick with the old mod-version.

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This is something I've looked at with regard to the automatic downloader. My preferred solution, if TC is comfortable with it, would be to keep a table of all current STEP mods on the wiki, and allow the team to test and sanction updates to the included mods. The table would kept updated with important fixes between major updates, and the community could help to monitor and test the changes.


I would not put the full guide on the wiki, as I think there are many benefits to having STEP as a popular download on the Nexus.

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Good points Monty. It's been discussed before about the pros and cons of sticking to one set/version of mods that are known to be stable and work together - which is possibly the major selling point of STEP. But there will always be bug fixing updates with mods so we need to not just offer one solid STEP version but also take into consideration improvements to the recommended mods.

However it's not a bad thing to get users used to the idea that constantly updating the mods used can be counter productive and cause more issues than it's worth. "If it ain't broke don't fix it" works pretty well as a rule of thumb.

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I've always preferred, "If it ain't broke, improve it." :P



We think alike... here is mine:


"If it exists, tweak it." :D

Seriously though, I totally agree with Monty in the idea of the official guide on the Nexus, a table on the wiki linking to the Farlo wiki mod details (i.e., the templates) as well as the dedicated STEP Archives forum threads. This makes for scads of info that is easily traceable and forums would be the collection point of latest info used to update the others ... ??

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We could have the best of both worlds - include every update on the table (linked to a post in the mod thread with details), and also highlight those updates that we have tested and recommend be applied to the current STEP setup. I tend to agree with Beald's view, that stability and compatibility are high priority, and wouldn't want STEP to be in a constant state of 'update flux'. I would suggest that the aim of recommended updates should be:


- To fix any conflicts or problems discovered in the STEP implementation itself between releases (hotfixes, if you like.)

- To prevent the guide becoming obsolete between releases (particularly if Beth throws a curve ball that necessitates a wave of mod updates, eg. the chaos that's due when/if the navmesh fix arrives.)

- To fix significant bugs in the mods.


It's all good info for TC as he compiles the next version, too. I also wonder if it might help him to start our own list of 'fix' mods absorbed by the unofficial patch. Community scouts could be helpful with that.


BTW, I've noticed that Kranazoli on the nexus is very good at tracking and posting about updates - he might enjoy being invited to help keep the mod threads on here up to date.

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