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You Can Sleep SKSE Remake


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You Can Sleep SKSE Remake by underthesky (Original LE), Dropkicker (SSE port)
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This is a rare and extremely extremely nasty bug in Skyrim engine.

The most notorious reproduction of it is getting the message “you can’t wait while being asked to leave” , “Cannot wait/sleep while being asked to leave... my own home”in some locations owned by you or your factions.

It's not a load order and mod conflict or typing some "ownership command" that will fix it.


The most notorious places where it triggers after days of game play are:

1. Dawnstar Sanctuary after completing DarkBrotherhoodSanctuaryRepair quest. (happened to 4 times)

2. College of Winterhold. (reported)

3. Hearthfire Houses. (reported)

Fortunately there is a fix to it using engine functions:

You Can Sleep SKSE Remake 


There is a configuration file for DLL mod:


that can be edited by a text editor.

In my case I only activate a single line (3th line):

  "allowSleepAndWaitInAir": false,
  "allowSleepAndWaitTrespassing": false,
  "allowSleepAndWaitAskedToLeave": true,
  "allowSleepAndWaitGuardsPursuing": false,
  "allowSleepAndWaitEnemiesNearby": false,
  "allowSleepAndWaitTakingHealthDamage": false,
  "allowSleepAndWaitOwned": false,
  "allowSleepAndWaitInUse": false


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Using Step tool. Added another reddit Topic.
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The mod works (personal experience) and the code is clear and free sources by the original author.

If you visit the oldrim page you see a post from someone called fadingsignal asking for a SSE port (he isn't aware that it was ported to SSE some years ago).


P.S. unfortunately Skyrim AE isn't going to be stabilized until some further months and it bring more issues than it solves. 

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Edited using Step Tool and added another Reddit topic.

A user posted the following comment in nexus LE page:

One might say that they can't ask you to leave if they're dead but skyrim would disagree.

The bug drove me made in Dawnstar Sancturay happening suddenly after a week or two after completing the upgrade of the sanctuary.

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