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Merchants no longer have shop option after big fight

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I used console commands to add an npc, Talsgar the Wanderer, as a follower.  For some unknown reason, when inside the WInking Skeever in Solitude after I parted ways with him, he suddenly started shouting and attacking another NPC.  Don't know who because the whole tavern got up in arms and they all attacked Talsgar.  I guess he was protected status somehow because he couldn't be killed but after I got tired of watching with amusement and bewilderment at what was happening I found I wasn't able to talk with him because of his combat state, again I guess.  So, I eventually exited the tavern and when I immediately re-entered, Talsgar was gone, but the barkeep no longer offered me to shop for food.  Then I went to the general store across the way and again no shopping dialogue option.  Same with the aromatic shop and the blacksmith.  I haven't tried all npcs yet because it's nighttime and the cart vendors selling food are done for the day and the garment shop is also closed.  I don't seem to have another save to go back before I parted ways with Talsgar.  I hadn't thought that much about save file functions until now.

Anyway, is there a way I can get the vendor dialogues again by command or action?

It's okay if I start a new game I guess but I'd like to try a few more things before I abandon this game if the NPCs will permanently ignore me.

I have the SE edition with the AE update only, no mods installed.

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