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Simple Tutorial For Wrye Bashing Leveled List Only



I already have Vortex overiding whatever conflicts come up so I don't need Wrye Bash to do that at all. All I need to do is a simple leveled list merge and I'm finding it difficult to follow the tutorials and guides I'm seeing on Youtube and other places. I can't find one tutorial that's specifically for just merging leveled lists. I wanted to be as safe as possible and just bash together the leveled lists and nothing else.

I managed to get a bash patch up with a new game with the simplest tutorial I could find, but I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

I have one made now and it looks like it's working, but can anyone give me just simple step by step guide just a safe bashed patch for just leveled lists. I removed USSEP and anything vanilla from the patch. Was I supposed to just leave those things in? If so do I bash it again and continue playing or do I start a new game?

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For starters i dont use Vortex, i prefer MO2 for Bethesda games... but it should be no different.

This is how i do it, very simple (i use Wrye only for the Leveled list and maby Tweaks).

1. Run Wrye Bash

2. See that all plugins are checked. (You could untic such plugins as Dyndolod, FNIS and such but i have never had any issue selecting all plugins.)

3. Right click on Bashed Patch eand select rebuild.

4. Only select Leveled Lists

5. See that Automatic is checked (remove empty sublists should be unchecked)

6.Build Patch

7. Check your new patch in xEdit if needed

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