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How do I make the plugin priority order the same as the mod/installed list priority order?


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I'm modding Skyrim SE & this is my first time using Mod Organizer 2.

I installed the mods in the load order I want to use using the priority order on the installed mods list. Then I realized that the plugin/esp list priority order isn't the same. Does the plugin list priority order effect the order the game loads mods; which mods are overwritten? If so, how do I make the plugin order the same as the installed mod-list order? I don't want to use LOOT.

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The BSA archives are loaded in the same order as the plugin they are associated with, but the priority order of the plugins has no bearing on the order of loose files. Also note that the game always uses loose files even if this asset is included in a BSA archive with higher priority. The distinction is that the order of the plugins in the right pane determines which records are used in each plugin. The order of the mods in the left pane determines which assets (meshes, textures, scripts, etc.) are used by the game.

And, yes, you should use LOOT to sort the plugins in the right pane and you should use xEdit to resolve any conflicts in the plugins.

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