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GPU usage gets absolutely demolished



Hey, I'm just gonna paste my r/skyrimmods thread here because it contains pretty much all information:




I've now generated the occlusion.esp and it did fix the GPU usage in the wilds, running around with 98% with dyndolod enabled.


However still absolutely 0 difference in cities.


Standing at Whiterun gate, looking towards market:


Without Dyndolod: 90-95% gpu usage, 105+fps


With dyndolod, no occlusion - 50-60% GPU usage - 55-60 FPS - 8/9k drawcalls


With dyndolod and occlusion - 50-60% gpu usage, 55-60 FPS - around 6k draw calls


Also, what does the "height" parameter do when generating occlusion?


the manual says : "Height - the algorithm uses the highest point of the height map or object LOD between two samples points. Since the player itself could be standing on the highest point, this can add a bit of additional height if required." which i dont understand :D


The STEP guide tells to set it to 0


The Phoenix Flavour guide tells to set it to 100

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If you expect help, post minimum required information. Here.
For example, the TexGen/DynDOLOD logs. A complete modwatch. What settings/options were used.

Sounds like full model trees are used for LOD.

The height parameter can be used to adjust the height of the observer cell. I suggest to ignore any instructions to change it from default zero without explanation (e.g. because LOD in the distance is visibly missing from so and so vantage point) as so far there has been no reports / discussion that the default is not sufficient or working correctly.

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