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MO2 Crashing when double clicking an installed mod



Ok, so, everything was working fine until a few days ago. I was installing mods and building my load order when all of a sudden I could no longer double click an installed mod to check out things like specific conflicting mods, notes I had left, or the file tree of the mod. The last thing I remember doing before I know it stopped working was running SSEedit, SSELOD gen, and DynDoLOD. The functionality of the double click may have stopped working sooner than that. I can't be 100% sure. As far as I can tell, every other aspect of the program is working other than trying to access that menu.

To try to be as specific and detailed as possible, I am talking about the list of installed mods on the left side of the program. When I double click one the window pops up like normal, but does not populate. I have tried right clicking to open specific tabs in that window and double clicking the lightning bolt that indicates file overwrites and nothing has worked. The window always pops up but then will not ever populate and my only option is to completely close MO2.

When I first noticed the issue I tried updating MO2, but that did not fix anything. I have not yet tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling MO2 yet. I am not sure how to do that in a way that will allow me to retrieve my mod list.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I am happy to provide more information if I left anything out, as well as pictures if someone thinks that would be useful.

Thank you.

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Solved the issue. It was Nahimic (sonic radar and sonic studio on my system). Don't know why it only just decided to cause me issues but it's fixed now. I'm going to leave this up in case anyone else has a similar issue.

thanks to the wonderful startup error in MO2 I got this fixed.

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