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Subliminal Traps 2 by Mr Dave


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I thought I would suggest this mod to STEP being immursive. Because why would the people that originally set these traps make the trigger and or trip wire so noticeable that even a blind man could almost see the trigger/trip wire and make it way to easy to go around the trigger/trip wire. I have been using this mod since its first release and really like it and make's it more realistic. There is also an optional texture file to ensted of a normal blank stone you could use a normal stone with a slight X carved in to it for the people who think that the original trap setter would of marked the stone in some way but a not so noticeable way.


Heres the link for you guys to check out and say what you think





PS: I have also suggested this mod to Neovalen to possibly add it to his Skyrim Revisited guide as well.

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I've been looking for something that makes traps more challenging; this and Deadly traps look like a good combination.


I made a BCF to combine the two optional RLO files with the basic mod file. You need all three files to create the resulting output BAIN file which allows selecting whichever combination of tripwire and pressure plate you want. There is an NMM file for the mod but it doesn't include the RLO files.

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It would be nice if they were easier to spot if you were more skilled at at - maybe as your sneak progresses or perhaps even easier to spot if you are walking instead of running.


But that might defeat the point of having no scripts, as well as make it pretty pointless at higher levels.


An alternative might be a texture that was very shiny in bright light so if you are creeping around with a torch you would see it but if you are trying to sneak about if the dark it's not noticeable.

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This is a picture of the Semi-Transparent version:


No light / With light

Posted ImagePosted Image


See attachment for another comparison.




Or you could just use the pressure plate textures and leave the tripwire texture alone.


There's an NMM installer, you can choose.

tripwire comparisson.jpg

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