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Strange "bug" - help wanted



If anybody knows anything about this strange issue/bug I am having, they're very welcome to speak up.


I guess it is important to note that this is in no way related to any S.T.E.P installation before anybody asks.



Scissored from my Skyrim Nexus image post:

Posted Image


I am currently experiencing this rather strange "bug". I put bug in quotes because I am not actually aware whether or not it IS a bug, of a feature from a mod that I'm not aware of.


Anyway, I seem to have picked up the fire tail and frost aura shaders after being in contract with fire and frost Atronachs. If anybody knows the reason why this has happened to my character and what mod does this (be it a bug or not) I'd very much like to hear about it. For some people this may be awesome and desirable, but for me it is rather annoying and probably also stealing minor system resources for no specific reason.

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This guide should be crossreferenced to by our Troubleshooting guide as it provides much more info than I've ever seen before. Maybe the author wants to put his Guide up on our wiki?

You should definitely ask him ;)  At the very least we should add a link to it.


Glad you got it fixed Hvergelmir.

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Got a reply from steve40:






I'd prefer if Step just links to the tutorial on Nexus, as I will be updating the content periodically (eg. I still need to update it for Dragonborn fx problems).




I won't be releasing a "fix" mod, but the USKP team is welcome to use my script fixes in their mods.


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