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Dynamic Difficulty


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A dynamic combat adjustment system, that takes your gameplay into account and it's not just a toggle between too easy and too hard. Despite not testing it on a fresh play through, it does feel dynamic enough on level 50+ with its algorithm. 


It does recognize new enemies without hassle, despite having to set notifications off manually. MCM compatible. No issues.


I'd say regarding immersion it does improve upon, so when you level up, when the enemies stop leveling, you get that extra feeling of tougher enemies and its not just a zerg fest. 

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One big problem I've found with Skyim's vanilla combat is that many builds are too extreme in difficulty --- either too easy (you kill things in 1 hit) or too hard (they kill you in 1 hit) --- and mods that just add some new fun spells can too easily unbalance this further. Dynamic Difficulty really helps with this, and I suggest it for at least S.T.E.P. Extended, perhaps with some tweaks in its MCM to make it a bit less influential: for instance, I don't have it dynamically scale dragons, since I'm using Deadly Dragons + Dragon Combat Overhaul and they can last significantly longer than other fights, as I think they should.

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