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Lighting options?

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Is there any non-abandoned Lighting Mod that does NOT make custom cells dark as hell? HF support also would be appreciated.


Tried RLO and RCRN (with and w/o El&FX) all seems dark as yay.

It doesn't have to be in realistic range, fantasy or cinematic also are ok.

Dynamic lights (e.g. El&FX ?) are added value

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RLO shouldn't be dark, are you using specific post processors? Specific ENB maybe. They can amplify each others effects. Did you install both RLO and CoT? If so, you should not load any of the interior modules for CoT, only the main weather mod. But you probably know that.


Perhaps your monitor is not properly calibrated, or the gamma setting in your ini file/menu? Pretty easy to make things less dark btw if you don't like it. RLO also works with the imaginator as well. And for RCRN, there are not so dark presets, I assume you tried those?


For light placements, listen to Neovalen.


You can always try URWL.

Hope you find something nice.

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You can always try URWL.


Why "always"? Is URWL in some way the bastard one lighting mod? After quick testing (RLO/RLO + ElFX/RCRN/RCRN + ElFX/ URWL) only this mod looks good in mod's cells (haven't tried Relighting Skyrim and URWL + ElFX so far)


Unless those opttions are surprisingly good, I will use URWL


No, I don't use ENB or other postprocessors because they don't play nice with Nvidia Optimus (or do they? RCRN managed to get this).


EDIT: URWL + ElFX looks good, last left to check.

EDIT 2: There seems to be no difference between URWL + ElFX and URWL + Relighting Skyrim. I'll stick with the former. Thanks everyone for help. Remember, I was checking only custom cells, not the Vanilla ones.

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