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Adding extra mods on top of STEP Core

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Hi guys,

I am unsure which forum to post this on but I am taking a wild guess that this will be the best page as I am unable to find a similar post to my question.

I have installed and followed the Step guide succesfully.
I would like to be able to further enhance my step playthrough by adding a few other mods to increase the variety of items within my game.

I am looking to add the following mods and I am looking for advice on how to best implement these:


Immersive Armors, Cloaks of Skyrim, Wet and Cold, Jaysus Swords, No Snow Under the Roof and all of the Creation Club mods.


I have resolved conflicts with the creation club items (I hope) so these should not be much of a problem.
I have installed all of the necessary compatibility patches between these extra mods also.

Am I to have the rest of the mods AFTER the Step Core patch in my load order?

Would this provide the most stable compatibilty for these extra mods? I imagine some further patching will be required to get everything running smothly.
Or would it be beneficial to use LOOT's load order as the Step project is based around a default LOOT load order?

Thank you in advance. Keep up the great work guys Step is fantastic.

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It's hard to give anything but general advice for specific mods running on top of STEP...mainly due to having no experience with said mods. So general advice...

  1. Install mods to the Mod Groups they would most likely belong to.
  2. Resolve any file conflicts, if needed.
  3. Use LOOT to sort any plugins.
  4. Use the STEP Patches to forward any conflicts between it and the new mods (or create your own CR Patch to load after the STEP Patches)

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Thanks for the advise.
My first attempt this way ended up with ctd's every now and then but I had a few more additions.

I shall see how it goes!

Any advise on merging plugins/resolving conflcts?
Im no expert but I have a moderate understanding. I think I just need some kind of "general rules". Most of the videos I have seen tend to only example situations where there are very, very few mods as opposed a comprehensive pack such as this.

There are quite a few extra bug fixes or misc patches for creation club content and installing them pushes the plugin limit too high. My attempts at merging these does not work due to them relying on other masters.

I assume I don't have many merging options due to the Step conflict resolution mod taking care of and patching up most of the mods already.

Really appreciate the help.

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If you need to merge some patches, just copy all the records from the patches to a single one. xEdit will add the masters it needs when doing so missing masters shouldn't be any issue. Don't forget to sort your masters on your merge when you're finished, though.

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