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Inconsistent tree brightness




I am using Enhanced Vanilla Trees (newest version) I selected Snowy Pines options (alt trees download) and SFO branches ver 2 (alt branches download)


I generate 3d tree lods with a -10 brightness (high quality dyndolod preset)


I am getting this inconsistency at the top part of forest pine tree seems much brighter then the bottom part.  also some trees are just overall much brighter than others such as the light/semi snow pines being much brighter than the other trees.   Any suggestions or is that the mod author that would need to balance this?





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The tree LOD brightness settings affects billboards textures only obviously.


Tree LOD models with normals, bi/tangents and normal maps react to light the same way as any other model and do not need such brightness adjustments.


Double check / edit the tree LOD models. 

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