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  1. This is weird. I just updated to Happy Little Trees 3D LOD - Quality 2.02 to match the new Happy Trees 2.02 ... Previously I was using the performance LOD version for older Happy Trees 1.0+ and didn't encounter this issue. My pine trees haven't turned out properly; they appear to be partially invisible? Not something I ever encountered with the previous version performance mode. https://imgur.com/a/yi4OrFl These are my options when I created the texgen and dyndolod http://icecream.me/uploads/f9acf4671faad3bd802512c8aca88480.png http://icecream.me/uploads/3717d70a991d61aa1647c61cd740adbf.png EDIT: I tried the performance version and didn't experience the same issue; only seems to happen with the quality version.
  2. Yah, I find the issue with almost all mountain mods is that they don't include any textures for LODs. and sounds like not installing the MM LOD pack will do nothing to correct the lack of textures, and end up without the meshes I need instead. So I guess any texture replacer for Majestic Mountains, will just end up with the MM LOD textures. I am just using the mountainslabhqlod_n.dds from MM lod pack as well. The MM texture replacer I use is Northfire OG which doesn't have LOD texture support. How much do you think setting LOD4 for mountains to "full" annihilate performance?
  3. I was curious. For Majestic Mountains it includes an LOD add on for Dyndolod 3. If I am using a Texture replacer for Majestic Mountains, should I still be installing the LOD add on pack, or will that result in mismatched lod textures? Would I get matching LOD textures based off my replacers if I left the MM Lod pack installed? Thx
  4. sorry, barking up the wrong tree then. I am told D6DDDA crash is 99% of the time a pagefile issue and 1% of the time a corrupt texture. It is worth noting though, "not related to the above crash" that running the Grass Cache via No Grass in Objects mod, one should disable xlodgen output. For whatever the reason, the process will go into an infinite crash loop during the grass cache process. works fine disabling the terrain gen for grass cache, and then just re-enabling after the process is complete.
  5. Hello, I use the optimal settings... I do notice if I have my Terrain generation output enabled with those or higher settings. I am unable to run grass cache, as it will constantly CTD loop. disabling my terrain gen output fixes that.... any ideas?? I also noticed a crash log a couple times while just playing the game that is very similar to the grass cache crash log while terrain generation is enabled. Possible relevant objects (2) { [ 206] BSLightingShaderProperty(Name: null) [ 358] NiNode(Name: `Scene Root`) } Probable callstack { [0] 0x7FF6417DDDDA (SkyrimSE.exe+D6DDDA) unk_D6DD70+6A [1] 0x7FF641D983B5 (SkyrimSE.exe+13283B5) unk_1328370+45 [2] 0x7FF6416D8CEF (SkyrimSE.exe+C68CEF) unk_C68BA0+14F [3] 0x7FF6417AA58E (SkyrimSE.exe+D3A58E) unk_D3A4D0+BE [4] 0x7FF640F8E646 (SkyrimSE.exe+51E646) unk_51E440+206 [5] 0x7FF6417A9445 (SkyrimSE.exe+D39445) unk_D392B0+195 [6] 0x7FF641D05D93 (SkyrimSE.exe+1295D93) unk_1295C30+163 [7] 0x7FF641D553DE (SkyrimSE.exe+12E53DE) BSShaderTextureSet::SetTexture_12E5390+4E [8] 0x7FF641D3F549 (SkyrimSE.exe+12CF549) BSLightingShaderMaterialBase::OnLoadTextureSet_12CF480+C9 [9] 0x7FF641D4050A (SkyrimSE.exe+12D050A) BSLightingShaderMaterialEnvmap::OnLoadTextureSet_12D04D0+3A [10] 0x7FF641D34E76 (SkyrimSE.exe+12C4E76) BSLightingShaderProperty::unk_12C4CC0+1B6 [11] 0x7FF6416CBD71 (SkyrimSE.exe+C5BD71) NiStream::Func15_C5BA80+2F1 [12] 0x7FF6416C9FBE (SkyrimSE.exe+C59FBE) NiStream::Func1_C59F90+2E [13] 0x7FF6417A69D8 (SkyrimSE.exe+D369D8) BSStream::unk_D36950+88 [14] 0x7FF64179E949 (SkyrimSE.exe+D2E949) unk_D2E880+C9 [15] 0x7FF640B735B1 (SkyrimSE.exe+1035B1) unk_1033E0+1D1 [16] 0x7FF640C2A12F (SkyrimSE.exe+1BA12F) unk_1BA000+12F [17] 0x7FF6417A0240 (SkyrimSE.exe+D30240) unk_D300F0+150 [18] 0x7FF6417A0D10 (SkyrimSE.exe+D30D10) BSResource::EntryDB<BSModelDB::DBTraits>::Func3_D30CE0+30 [19] 0x7FF6416B3EBE (SkyrimSE.exe+C43EBE) BSResource__EntryDB_gs_T1_ge_::unk_C43E70+4E [20] 0x7FF64179D69D (SkyrimSE.exe+D2D69D) IOManager::Func21_D2D630+6D [21] 0x7FF64179A361 (SkyrimSE.exe+D2A361) BSTaskManagerThread::Func1_D2A220+141 [22] 0x7FF64167D6BD (SkyrimSE.exe+C0D6BD) StartAddress_0_C0D680+3D [23] 0x7FFB3E527034 (KERNEL32.DLL+17034) [24] 0x7FFB3F322651 (ntdll.dll+52651)
  6. Does Starac/A.N.C.I.E.N.T consider for permissions for individual texture use for specific projects? I was hoping to use a few of his Windhelm wood textures for Cities of the North Dawnstar through this mechanism. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/52374 I tested it in game and they look great!!
  7. Dyndolod seems to get pickier with each update in the alpha 3.0. Getting anxious about updating because when I do it seems to find a new error that halts the process that wasn't posing any issue in the prior build. Most recently I am seeing this. http://icecream.me/uploads/82cd0f6a605a1bac8b6c9f56e3cb5144.png edit: running it again, it appears to have skipped over it without the halting error; not sure what was going on the first time or what the naming contention warnings mean.
  8. I can no longer run Dyndolod successfully as of the newest alpha. It is halting with an error over Dydolod "More Racism in Windhelm" mod due to the error container records... it tells me I need to fix the errors or remove the mod. I have actually fixed the errors in a patch that follows the mod, but this is not enough to satisfy Dyndolod anymore.. Can I disable this function? edit: it appears I missed resolving one of the errors in my patch . after adding the additional fix to my patch, it worked!
  9. If I have PapyrusUtilSE I only need DynDOLOD Scripts for Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim VR correct?
  10. With regards to the Dyndolod 3.0 lod pack for majestic mountains; I assume this would function for any texture variation of MM? such as lightside, darkside or the northside/northfire majestic mountains? As they all use the same meshes. Thanks.
  11. I can't believe I missed that... you are amazing! Does this mean there is little reason to download optional LOD files for city stuff. Such as those includes for the Great Towns/Villages. Rally's solstheim settlements or HD Lod SE for Noble in favor of using Texgen? I do use Majestic Mountain and Glacierslab which include LODs for the ones texgen cannot create. Thanks
  12. This is not something that is or could ever be remedied in the latest Alpha is that correct? This is simply not possible for Dyndolod to ever do without the appropriate base textures? It is a bit soul crushing since most authors don't or won't create these textures.
  13. Sorry, I jumped the gun on the test, as I need to wait in game for about 10 seconds before it happens. The issue happens in 3.0 only with dynamic object generation selected... regardless of whether or not I am using the DLL+ overwrite scripts or not; there is no difference. The issue doesn't occur if I am using 2.9 with dynamic object generation enabled and does not occur in 3.0 unless I check dynamic object generation. The camp itself is added by alternate start. But embers XD and Better dynamic snow do I believe change what they'd look like by default. Looks great when I start a new or load the game After 10 seconds this happens So no issue with 3.0 so long as I don't use Generate Dynamic Lod, and no issue with 2.9 at all with or without Generate Dynamic Lod
  14. I can just install/remove + activate/deactivate the DLL and scripts on the same output then? ... The DLL and scripts don't need to be enabled/installed for Dyndolod generation process? Strange then, ass my test was conducted like this. Install DLL and overwriting scripts. Run Dyndolod 3.0 with Dynamic Object Generations enabled. Started new game via alternate start and selecting camping in the woods. A few seconds after appearing at the camp, the 2nd fire pit appeared out of thin area on top of the other. I saved the game then exited. Re-ran dyndolod without dynamic object generation, and loaded that saved game and the issue was gone. Did it again with dynamic object generation checked with no DLL or overwriting scripts and loaded the saved game, no issue. I'll try testing this scenario via starting a new game under each test and see if I can replicate.
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