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  1. Sorry, I jumped the gun on the test, as I need to wait in game for about 10 seconds before it happens. The issue happens in 3.0 only with dynamic object generation selected... regardless of whether or not I am using the DLL+ overwrite scripts or not; there is no difference. The issue doesn't occur if I am using 2.9 with dynamic object generation enabled and does not occur in 3.0 unless I check dynamic object generation. The camp itself is added by alternate start. But embers XD and Better dynamic snow do I believe change what they'd look like by default. Looks great when I start a new or load the game After 10 seconds this happens So no issue with 3.0 so long as I don't use Generate Dynamic Lod, and no issue with 2.9 at all with or without Generate Dynamic Lod
  2. I can just install/remove + activate/deactivate the DLL and scripts on the same output then? ... The DLL and scripts don't need to be enabled/installed for Dyndolod generation process? Strange then, ass my test was conducted like this. Install DLL and overwriting scripts. Run Dyndolod 3.0 with Dynamic Object Generations enabled. Started new game via alternate start and selecting camping in the woods. A few seconds after appearing at the camp, the 2nd fire pit appeared out of thin area on top of the other. I saved the game then exited. Re-ran dyndolod without dynamic object generation, and loaded that saved game and the issue was gone. Did it again with dynamic object generation checked with no DLL or overwriting scripts and loaded the saved game, no issue. I'll try testing this scenario via starting a new game under each test and see if I can replicate.
  3. Ok tried again, it seems to only happen if I am using the DLL and 2.82 overwriting scripts; if I remove those and check Generate Dynamic LOD option I didn't encounter the issue with the tent and firepit.
  4. The issue is a vanilla campfire is stacking on top of an embers xd fire. There are two distinct stone rings, two sets of wood and two flames; different objects. The vanilla set spawned a few seconds after starting the game on top of the embers set. The snow on the tent is also completely messed up. This is on a New game, and dyndolod was generated for this load order. I have not encountered this on dyndolod 2.90 with generate dynamic objects enabled. It is only happening on 3.00 with generate dynamic objects enabled.. but I need to test to see if it still happens if I dont use the DLL and use papyrus instead. At any rate generating with 3.0 no dynamic object enabled, or generate 2.90 with dynamic object enabled fixes both issues under the same scenario/conditions. Will report back after further testing
  5. I've been encountering some weird overlap / stacking of objects after running Dyndolod 3.0; latest alpha build. This is something I've never experienced before. I used Generate Dynamic LOD setting and tested this with the latest dyndolod DLL + 2.82 scripts overwriting the dyndolod resources script. Shortly after starting via alternate start camping. one fire pit became two fire pits. the vanilla stacked on top of that of embers xd. You can see the tent in behind it is also pretty messed up with snow textures inconsistently on it. What should I look for in the log? I will try generating again without Dynamic settings checked. disabling the dyndolod plugin fixed the issue. EDIT: I regenerated again without the dynamic setting and the issue disappeared. whether or not it's dynamic itself or the DLL + scripts I am not sure.
  6. Just curious. Will the Dyndolod Scripts 2.82 for the SE DLL still function with the 3.0 alpha? Or are there other scripts available for this? Thank you.
  7. Just curious, with either the underside plugin or underside feature "that prevents VL from shining through mountains" would this also help with ENB sunlight water reflections or completely unrelated? like when you can see sunlight shining off the water from the direction of the sun, even when the sun is behind an object/mountain.
  8. Yes I am setting (full) to LOD 4 for full tree objects at lod 4 instead of billboards or hybrid ultra. I have talked to tech angel regarding the issue and he has been unable to correct the discoloration/mismatch on the LOD4 ultra tree object... He's also pretty burnt out working on that mod. But I've been having that issue between EVT and LODs for as long as I can remember; quite frustrating because everything else looks awesome. TreeAspen01 [TREE:0006A9E6] Meshes\landscape\trees\treeaspen01.nif Replaced tree, Billboard found, 3D LOD model found Billboard_0: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treeaspen01_0006a9e6.dds, textures\default_n.dds Billboard_1: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treeaspen01_0006a9e6_1.dds, textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treeaspen01_0006a9e6_1_n.dds Billboard_2: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treeaspen01_0006a9e6_2.dds, textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treeaspen01_0006a9e6_2_n.dds Level0: meshes\dyndolod\lod\trees\treeaspen01_85d46692passthru_lod.nif using textures\landscape\trees\treeaspenbranchcomp01.dds, textures\landscape\trees\treeaspenbranchcomp_n.dds, textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolodtreelod.dds, textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolodtreelod_n.dds Level1: meshes\dyndolod\lod\trees\treeaspen01_85d46692passthru_lod.nif using textures\landscape\trees\treeaspenbranchcomp01.dds, textures\landscape\trees\treeaspenbranchcomp_n.dds, textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolodtreelod.dds, textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolodtreelod_n.dds Level2: meshes\dyndolod\lod\trees\treeaspen01_85d46692passthru_lod.nif using textures\landscape\trees\treeaspenbranchcomp01.dds, textures\landscape\trees\treeaspenbranchcomp_n.dds, textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolodtreelod.dds, textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolodtreelod_n.dds Dynamic: meshes\dyndolod\lod\trees\treeaspen01_85d46692passthru_lod.nif using textures\landscape\trees\treeaspenbranchcomp01.dds, textures\landscape\trees\treeaspenbranchcomp_n.dds, textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolodtreelod.dds, textures\dyndolod\lod\dyndolodtreelod_n.dds LOD4: Full LOD8: Billboard1 using internal LOD16: None 00013AAA 00000000 133915.812500 -71527.781250 12763.512695 0.000000 0.000000 138.958099 0.920000 TreeAspen01 00000000 Meshes\landscape\trees\treeaspen01.nif Meshes\landscape\trees\treeaspen01.nif textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treeaspen01_0006a9e6_1.dds Everything appears to check out. I'll check the BTO... perhaps I am wrong, I could have sworn using FULL for LOD 4 before corrected the problem but it's been awhile since I had done that. I have been testing n trying out other tree mods before coming back to EVT. perhaps I was using a different branch variation with EVT back then that fooled me into thinking it fixed the problem. Anyway, sorry. The full models seem to generate fine.
  9. Is it possible that full object LODs for trees isn't working in the alpha? I encounter an issue when generating EVT ultra trees. As shown in the screenshot below. The tops of the trees are bright and the bottom is dark. I believe this is the SFO alternate branches Ver 2 for EVT. I've always had this issue when generating 3d/ultra trees for EVT. This is lod level 4 right? ... In Dyndolod 2. + if I selected it to generate Full object instead of LODs for trees it seemed to fix this... In the recent alpha I tried doing the same, but I appear to be getting the same result for lods, as if I just normally generated and used ultra tree lods?
  10. Ran it again with the newest alpha and got closer to 25,000 references now. so looks to be fine
  11. 1786... but Dyndolod completed this most recent time with successfully with no error prompts or failures... where could I look in the log for more specific info on this? thanks
  12. Sorry, mistyped above. When I ran dyndolod again I did NOT encounter the same error with falmer valley, seemed to work just fine. Would compressing records of the ESP output to esl flag it be fine then? Thx
  13. I am curious. I have a lot of scripts churning in my game and I see dynamic LOD which enables many additional LOD features requires papyrus scripting. I was just curious for a bit more details on how intensive these scripts are whether or not I should consider avoiding it so as to not put additional pressure papyrus alongside so many other scripted mods. thanks
  14. I ran it again and did encounter the same error. Is the ESP safe to compress after dyndolod gen for an ESL flag? I see it is creating a bunch of new form x-markers... I don't recall this prior to 3.0. sorry I tried to re-edit my post but it would not let me.
  15. Hmm... I got an error prompt and see this. "[22:00] <Error: LODGenx64.exe failed to generate object LOD for DLC01FalmerValley. LODGenx64.exe returned E0434352. Check E:\SEMods\DynDOLOD-Standalone.2.69\DynDOLOD\Logs\LODGen_SSE_DLC01FalmerValley_log.txt" But the log doesn't tell me anything specific about it. It looks fine, I see no errors or warnings in that log.
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