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My shameful performance with english


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Haha...wait...wannabe? You're sick.


At least till now, I can say I've never used that word as slang.


But that reminds me of a commercial for some Mia sports drink or something recently. He's going over change in America, and I couldn't help but almost spit out a sip of tea when he said something along the lines of, "We changed Man bands to Boy bands. We gotta change that back."

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"Sick" in a meaning of "awesome" is used in UK quite broadly though :)


I've been living in UK for 10 year now, but even after that time I do some silly mistakes like that, so don't worry, TC :D


Quite recent one, and that was at work too, I was asked to do something and I replied "I can't be bothered!", meaning I have something to do now, but will do it later. "Can't be bothered", as it turned our, is quite often perceived as a negative and rude thing to say though haha!


The funniest thing I've hear though is my friend saying "Do you want to f**k with me?" to a girl. What he meant by that "Do you really want to mess with me?", as f**k is often use as "Don't f**k with me" - meaning "Don't mess with me". Hillarious, I think he was slapped by her for saying that :D

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