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Elenear's Skyrim HD Wallpaper Packs

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Hi guys


It's not a mod in it's full rights, therefore I prefixed it with Info. If admins/mods feel this thread should go to Skyrim Related rather than Mod Suggestions don't hesitate to move it.


These are wallpapers I did - they are all made of actual gameplay screenshots, and then postprocessed in Photoshop. As I am no modder, but I do some amateur photography and I'd like to think I have a good eye for screenshots, this is my way of contributing and saying Thanks to all the TES (and Nexus in general) modding community. I think it's one of the most friendly communities I've ever been involved in!


Feel free do download the wallpapers, I hope you'll like them. There are 2 packs so far, they are all in 1920x1080 resolution (pack 1 contains 4:3 screen ratio versions too) and there are 10 wallpapers in each pack. I have MANY more screenshots waiting to be turned into wallpapers, so expect more to come in due course!


Any feedback is most welcomed too! 


Wallpaper Pack 1

Wallpaper Pack 2

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I think this will be happier in the Skyrim related section.


I particularly like the one with the statuesque spellcaster, with a sort of van Gogh brush effect in the night sky. I think that is more interesting, because we've all seen so many nice screenshots, but that is unique.

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