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DynDOLOD Crashing when transitioning to an outside cell


Pretty much the title


I've been trying to fix this since near the end of march and it's driving me crazy. I don't what else to do!














Mod List:



Papyrus Log:



NetScriptFramework Crash Log:



Here is also a reddit thread I tried first, It will help explain what I did before coming here.



Please help me, I'm desperate.

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The DynDOLOD log contains 4 generations and you also uploaded a bugreport.


However the last generation shows that DynDOLOD plugins were loaded. I hope those are not from the failed generation beforehand.

Do not use any files from the output folder when the LOD generation process did not complete successfully as mentioned in the manual.


Fix this error.


Exception in unit userscript line 249: Load order FileID [37] can not be mapped to file FileID for file "DynDOLOD.esp"
Check log lines above the exception for additional hints. Check the FAQ and search official forum http://forum.step-project.com/forum/101-shesons-dyndolod-support/ for those errors.

Check the FAQ and search the forum for it. It is most likely caused by a broken Bashed Patch. If the LOD generation runs through without the Bashed Patch in the load order, it means the Bash Patch is broken and should not be used. Use a newer Wrye Bash version to create a new working patch.


Delete the output folder and remove old files from the load order before generate LOD from scratch without errors. You can also delete old logs and bugreports as they are now irrelevant.


In case CTD still happens then, set "debug":"true" in skse\plugins\StorageUtilData\DynDOLOD_Worlds.json as explained in the DynDOLOD-README.txt (explained in the FAQ answer about CTD) so the papyrus log can be used to troubleshoot for missing invalid NIF. It might provide additional clues. 


Assuming you do not have old files from failed generations in the load order,  the .Net Crash log tells us you need to look up the reference form id 11012C9F in xEdit. That form id will change if there are new plugins generated. Look up whatever form ids are reported. Post a screenshot of it and also a screenshot of its base record.

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