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CTD, SKSE Crash Dump in Overwrite. What does this mean please?


I installed with STEP. The game is ctding frequently and generating this crash dump, I don't know what it means? Could you please help me? I've also installed the Preloader.


Crash info:
2020_02_09_12-40-35 - 663095: V(1); EAX(663090); EBX(2A7E5144); ECX(19FA64); EDX(10C96FC); ESI(0); EDI(19FA64); EBP(0); ESP(19FA20); STACK(663446 66431B 6648B2 6E928F 6ED2BD 65A81C 65A96D 656FD1 664504 6EC3E1 74F2FE A4AF84 401739 69495C 69CE1A 69CE24 69DFEC 8ADC16 977485 6940F0 400000 900011 696E69);

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All of that is pretty much meaningless and will require using something like windbg to analyze the crash dump to see if it contains any helpful information.


I suggest dropping back for a moment to try to find the root cause of the crash.


The first step should be to run SkyrimSE.exe from Mod Organizer from a vanilla profile that does not contain any mods. Start a new character and play for a while to ensure everything works fine without any crashes or odd behavior. If the game crashes, you may need to disable the steam overlay and any other overlays you have be using. Right click the Steam icon in the task tray, click Settings, click the In-Game tab, and uncheck "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game".


If the game is working normally so far, run skse64_loader.exe from Mod Organizer, create a new character, and play the game for a while to ensure it's still working fine without any crashes or odd behavior.

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