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STEP 2.10.0, Mod Organizer 1 or 2



A question i must ask, following the guide, the part about Mod Organizer, it doesn't specify what M.O should be used. 
Should we go for M.O 2, as it's becoming more stable with each release or the M.O Legacy located on M.O.2 download page?


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The STEP 2.10 guide was created for Mod Organizer 1.3 and uses Mod Organizer's BSA archive management so assets in BSAs can override loose files.


It should also work with Mod Organizer 2, although a few of the meshes and textures may come from a different mod because loose files always win with Mod Organizer 2. I don't know offhand what assets may be different if you use Mod Organizer 2 because it looks as if I extracted all the BSAs in my 2.10 profile when I was comparing texture mods.

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