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Mods not loaded SkyrimSE skse64 MO2



Hi everyone,


I have a problem with my Mod Organizer 2 and skse64_loader for my SkyrimSE : I have no mods loaded in the game.
I have pay attention to use only mods of Nexus and Loverslab conceived for SkyrimSE.
I made a little test :
- When I launch skse64_loader.exe from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition" I arrive in the start menu of the game (where we can load parts etc...) ; so here I use the touch "²" of my keyboard and I type GETSKSEVERSION in the command. I have then the following answer : "SKSE64 version : 2.0.7, release idx 56, runtime 01050270".
- When I launch skse64_loader by Mod Organizer 2 (it also launch Steam), then I type the same command in the start menu of the game. Then I have the following answer : "Script command GETSKSEVERSION not found".
So I think it's the problem…
If you know the problem and if you have the solution I am really interested 😊
Thanks a lot.




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I am not seeing the SKSE mod in the left pane or have you installed it in the vanilla data folder?


You should install the data folder from the archive version of SKSE, it the scripts to make it run, from MO2 so the scripts can be available for the game. This will also make any updates easier to do when they come out.

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The problem may be that you have Skyrim installed in C:\Program Files (x86) so Windows UAC is preventing Mod Organizer from hooking SKSE or the game. I suggest moving Skyrim (and any tools like Mod Organizer) out of C:\Program Files into folder you create like C:\Games\Skyrim so you don't run into issues with permissions. Also note that if you run SKSE or Skyrim as administrator, Windows prohibits Mod Organizer from hooking SKSE and Skyrim so the virtual file system won't work (meaning you won't see any mods in the game).


If you are on Windows 10, open Explorer, right click on ModOrganizer.exe, and click Properties. If you see an Unblock checkbox or button, you'll need to click Unblock and OK to unblock the application.


If you're still not seeing any mods in the game after going through all of the above, temporarily disable your antivirus software to see if it is interfering. If this is the case, you can add a rule to exclude ModOrganizer.exe to see if this works.

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