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Skyrim VR/Mod Organizer 2 not loading mods



Hey all,


I'll try to keep it short bc I have spent WELL over 15 hours researching/trying to get my mods working in Skyrim VR the past day. 


1. I have unpacked Mod Organizer 2 to my D: storage drive where Skyrim VR is installed (steam is on my root C: fyi). I did not download that .dll fix since we supposedly don't need it anymore.

2. I selected portable and attached Nexus acct etc

3. I made Windows Defender ignore the Mod Organizer 2 folder

4. I activated Loot as a plugin tool in Mod Organizer 2

5. I installed mods that are KNOWN FOR A FACT to work and didn't go overboard with modding.

6. Sort via LOOT in Mod Organizer 2 and then launch SkyrimVR through Mod Organizer 2 with Steam VR already open.


The only two mods I had installed that would make immediate obvious diff to test/ensure they are working are Simply Bigger Trees SE and Sounds of Skyrim (this has a little menu that apparently pops up in game when first activated). Neither of these seem to be active. 


I even tried copying the MO2 profile managed plugin.txt etc files into the normal spot for base game, even did the "bEnable" blah blah stuff just incase since nothing else worked. I have started an entirely new game file just incase and no luck. I am at a loss here. 


I originally tried with Vortex bc that allows me to mod Fallout4VR just fine, neither that or MO2 seem to be working for me despite all my plugin files being correct, enabled, active etc and LOOT obviously recognizing them.


I AM launching from inside Mod Organizer 2. I have tried full clean reinstall of skyrim multiple times incase something weird was going on.


I can't believe how much time (and Data, thanks Comcast for your cap) I've spent on this seemingly for nothing :/. Any help or insight would be GREATLY appreciated. 

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