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MO2 can not launch LOOT (seems auto delete usvfs_proxy_x86.exe)



 I just return to play skyrim SE with MO2 a few days ago. Then I have not installed so many mods, just check one by one and play.

I could install most of Mod (for test)   without problem.   And I could install and launch recent version Loot from MO2.

But today, I happend to use right pane>plugin> "sort" of MO2 (I know it is old Loot which packaged with MO2)  

Though I do not think, it cause problem, but I hoped to check with Loot (which installed and set to luanch from MO)


But  MO2 can not launch Loot anymore. everytime I try to launch LOOT from MO2, it show errer message window.  after while  Loot shut down. It only happen when I run Root from MO2.  Even though I use MO then run same version Root it work.


So I could confrim the problem caused by MO2.  then I happend to find topic which suggested to copy and paste "usvfs_proxy.exe"

from another version MO2 to current MO2.


 I found old downloaded MO2, there were "usvfs_proxy.exe".  then copy and paste it to MO2 directory (same folda of

Modorganizor.exe) , after that, I could launch Loot from MO2.


But this time,   Loot can not see MO2 data directories any more.  Then I finally install MO2 to  another drive, then compare files.

I clear see, "usvfs_proxy_86.exe" seems auto deleted from my MO2 directory.


I can confirm, I have never deleted any file from MO2 directory. then it seems happen when I use "sort" of MO2. 


After all, I copy and paste the "usvfs_proxy_86.exe" from another drive MO2,  this problem solved. 

(at least for me).


Though I do not know, actually what cause this issue, (auto- delete the exe file), if it caused another tool, which I launch from MO,

or my Notron system tool delete,, but If someone have same problem, try it.


Of course,  clean un-install MO2 and re-install MO2 may work, but if you clear know which file cause issue, It may help when we see

same issue.





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Jari, I suppose so. but it is somehow strange, Because  I already checked it, after MO2 deny to run ROOT. 

The file "usvfs_proxy_86.exe"  of MO2 had been set  as excluded from " Monitored file wihtout my intention.


I do not remember when I set only this ifle as "excluded" of MO2,     Maybe  I saw caution of Anti virus app , when I launch Loot from MO2, 

I  canseled  , then this exe file already set  as "excluded" from monitor.  


It is reason, why I could find file name which suppose to be removed from my MO2 directory.

On the other hand, "usvfs_proxy_64.exe" not removed, but it is not set as exception from virus (or file)  monitor. 

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