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  1. Thanks, GransSP.. it encoulage me. I hope MO2 keep development. (and STEP is only place, we get official support about MO2) Then hope up-load your linke, here too. Some MO2 user may not check MO topcis I feel.
  2. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/news/13481?BH=0 What will happen about MO2?
  3. @Greg thanks, I test your suggested way, (run archive.exe from MO2 as executable without CK) then I could add "MO2/mods/modname" as "data" directory. without anotehr package, include "data" folda. As for me, CK>File>create archive UI (just drug and drop roose flies extracted (keep relatvie path)) was really simple and clear enough. So I hoped ,it may work with MO2. But with archive.exe I could import bsa (Oldrim) ,extract and exported to same directory , and drug and drop loose files, if I set data path correctly. I hope Step wiki will offer step by step tutoriall about archive.exe options (SE tool)
  4. EL_Rizzo, there are many reason, I prefer to use CK through MO, if it can work. if run CK directly, , it not show all esp or loose files along to MO2 VFS. Of course I know, I can use CK without MO2, (manually locate esp, or manually locate "data" directory for extract ), but at same time, I prefer CK2 see same "data" directories, which "MO2" set uo as virtual folda.(VFS mapping?) and If you mentioned about tool/ archive.exe, I already mentioned my reason. of course, if yours suggestion way is stable enough, I prefer the way. (just use tool/archive.exe for the purpose) but after all, I need to set "data" directory manually, it seems almost same, what I suggested . And I might report or request same things about "MO2" even though I could manage this by tool/archive.exe. eg I can suggested or request. when install mods for MO2/mode, there is option, to set "data" folda. MO2/mods/modname/(data) (option to set directory for "data" path)/textures etc,,
  5. Hi Greg, I supposed to try what you suggested too. but I hesitate just because, I still not clear how archive.exe work (in skyrim SE/tool directory) when I run them directly. I am not native, so to get documents is not simple. then usually I rely STEP or, vedetha forum etc with translation. About re-pack BSA of oldrim mods to port skyrim SE, I serched best way. but still it not clear for me. I ccould not find original post which discribed in "bedetha forum" (I remember so, ) but could find almost same topic, https://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/4665-how-to-pack-skyrim-se-mods/ I do not know, skyrim SE CK>Create archive actually call the archive.exe in tool or not (but CK offer, different UI for each game I think) and the mentioned way is actually reliable and stable for me. (manually just drug and drop "old files" to CK>extract arrhive tool), to use it,,I need to "archive" from CK. As yours already mentioned, I know, all aprications, can see MO2 Virtual Data directory, but when try to use tool, connected with aprication, there have been some case, which not work as expected. Before I have same problem when I call text editor, from CK for papylus. But if there is more stable way, to re-pack BSA as officialy step recommended I apreciate. and hope some one discribe it with archive tool (if you suggest to use it)
  6. Grand SP, yes I undersand what you suggested. I have used MO long time, with CK ,LOOT, blender 32bit etc,, but there is case, CK (run through MO2) can not manage files, which not be installed in actual "Skyrim SE data" directory. Have you tried to use CK(SE) >File >Create archive , to make bsa files? you need to drug and drop files by your PC exploler, which need to archive. then CK auto set relative path from "data", But if you launch CK from MO, you can not manually pick loose files (Mo2>mods>modname folda) to "require files for altered forms" window. if you try to drug and drop files, CK deny it. with alert message. "as all archive files must be in "data" or one of subdirectories"
  7. Sorry,, after I up-load this topic, then try to add SS what is problem, I can found way to manage them. So to set loose files, for "Create Archive" tool of CK, Actually I can not use MO2 mod path, becaues MO2 mod directory not include "data" (to install MO2 correctly load them,, top directory are not "data" (though MO2 use it as "data" directory), and CK archive, can not see MO2 virutal data directory. But once I copy mod folda from MO2/mod, then just rename it as "data" and locate somewhere ,, "Create Archive" can set those files in "Data" So that means, I only need to set another "Data" directory, then through path as relative as same as before,, CK2 Archive tool can set them. (Only check if the path include "data" or not, then set auto hieralchy as relative from"data" I feel. Of course, if I need not to make "data" directory, teach me please. At current for me,, it seems best way, without edit actuall skyrimSE data directory. and run CK from MO2.
  8. When I convert oldrim esp with bsa with CK, I sometimes hope to archive ,old bsa exracted files to new bsa. I know there are some tutorialls, then can easy follow them. But it need to set "loose files" (usually drag and paste) from skyrim data foldas, in archive section. then CK se generate new archive.bsa (for esp, and for textures only) But the problem is, when I run CK, to see all mods in data directory,, then set files in The archive tools , it can not show virtual data directory files. (so I can only set files, in vanila data directory) I tried to drug and paste loose files, from mydrive> mo2> mod> folda, which I need to make archive of loose files too. but CK2 diffuse to set those files. , because those files not inlstalled skyrim se /data CK understand, they are in another mod directory, not true skyrim/data directory. So Is there good way, to archive loose files (which located in MO2 mod directory ) with CK2 easy ? Of course I know, I can make folda, in actuall skyrim/data, for each loose path, then once generate archive, after set them in MO2> mod , delete those files from skyrim SE/data.. but it easy cause duplicate many foldas etc, and I everytime need to make back up directory, to keep vanilla data /directories. So I blieve, quite a few users already convert oldrim mods, with MO2 and CK, how you manage about "archive" then generate new bsa for skyrim SE with MO2? or you simply copy and paste all directory which need to archive as bsa in realy data directory? or Is there good tool, or option, to make archive for SE, without use CK? I feel, if I can simply generate bsa for SE, I may need not run CK from MO2, but to read esp correctly, I need to run CK from MO2. then only about "cureate archive" I feel problem, at current.
  9. Jari, I suppose so. but it is somehow strange, Because I already checked it, after MO2 deny to run ROOT. The file "usvfs_proxy_86.exe" of MO2 had been set as excluded from " Monitored file wihtout my intention. I do not remember when I set only this ifle as "excluded" of MO2, Maybe I saw caution of Anti virus app , when I launch Loot from MO2, I canseled , then this exe file already set as "excluded" from monitor. It is reason, why I could find file name which suppose to be removed from my MO2 directory. On the other hand, "usvfs_proxy_64.exe" not removed, but it is not set as exception from virus (or file) monitor.
  10. I just return to play skyrim SE with MO2 a few days ago. Then I have not installed so many mods, just check one by one and play. I could install most of Mod (for test) without problem. And I could install and launch recent version Loot from MO2. But today, I happend to use right pane>plugin> "sort" of MO2 (I know it is old Loot which packaged with MO2) Though I do not think, it cause problem, but I hoped to check with Loot (which installed and set to luanch from MO) But MO2 can not launch Loot anymore. everytime I try to launch LOOT from MO2, it show errer message window. after while Loot shut down. It only happen when I run Root from MO2. Even though I use MO then run same version Root it work. So I could confrim the problem caused by MO2. then I happend to find topic which suggested to copy and paste "usvfs_proxy.exe" from another version MO2 to current MO2. I found old downloaded MO2, there were "usvfs_proxy.exe". then copy and paste it to MO2 directory (same folda of Modorganizor.exe) , after that, I could launch Loot from MO2. But this time, Loot can not see MO2 data directories any more. Then I finally install MO2 to another drive, then compare files. I clear see, "usvfs_proxy_86.exe" seems auto deleted from my MO2 directory. I can confirm, I have never deleted any file from MO2 directory. then it seems happen when I use "sort" of MO2. After all, I copy and paste the "usvfs_proxy_86.exe" from another drive MO2, this problem solved. (at least for me). Though I do not know, actually what cause this issue, (auto- delete the exe file), if it caused another tool, which I launch from MO, or my Notron system tool delete,, but If someone have same problem, try it. Of course, clean un-install MO2 and re-install MO2 may work, but if you clear know which file cause issue, It may help when we see same issue.
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