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Installing STEP and cleaning mods




just a quick question: I'm using the STEP guide to install all the mods, and I arrived at a point where I need to clean a mod, precisely "Brows" by Hvergelmir.

I cleaned it following the guide in the wiki link, and I got it cleaned, now I have the cleaned mod in the overwrite folder, what should I do with it?


Many thanks ::):


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Easiest thing to do is just drag/drop it onto the existing Brows mod. If the previous version of that plugin is there it will be replaced and if not this cleaned version will just take its place.

You could create a new "Cleaned - Brows" mods, but that isn't really the best option.


Whatever you do just remember that anything in the overwrite folder needs to be moved elsewhere as it is to be used as a temporary holding mod only, don't leave things in it during play, they will have priority and this may cause issues later on.

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