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Almost clean skyrim takes minutes to load



Hi everyone, I just started following the srle guide to modding from a clean vanilla skyrim, and I'm having this issue: right now the only modification on my skyrim are the cleaned update and dlc files, the tweaked inis, skse and enb installed. Now when I try to start skyrim, with or without skse, with or without mod organizer, with or without running it as an administrator, it takes 3-4 minutes to start, and I don't even have any mods installed on. What's the problem? And how can I solve it?

It's not an issue of performance, but i double checked everything in the guide and everything looks right.

This are the only changes i made (every tweak and app in this page): 



attached to this post are the modified INIs (these are the ones in the "my games\skyrim" folder, since it wasn't specified if i needed to change this ones or the ones in the skyrim main folder {the ones in the main folder have no changes})


the only thinks in SKSE.ini are these :







when i start skyrim from SKSE (via MO) the skse prompt screen take 30 second or even more to close itself, and then some minutes to actually start skyrim. starting skyrim without skse doesnt solve the problem, still huge startup time.


Just to clarify, before all the modifications my skyrim was completely vanilla, and ran smoothly (still runs smoothly in game)



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