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Enhanced Dragon Bones (by Were)


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Since this is about the dragon bones and not Better Bones mod I would like to add that I use the bloody version of this mod because after I slaughter a dragon with my axe I don't expect it to look like I just cleaned the bones off in a nearby river. https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30620

I agree that Dragons are fleshy in their physical form, but what about after you absorb their soul?  Does magic pick the bones entirely clean?  Bethesda seems to think so (or they were just lazy).  I kind of like the bloody version as well, even if it does look rather fake, but we have to recommend the "No flesh" version if we're staying true to Vanilla.
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I like to think that absorbing their should does just that and does not clean them but I understand the clean version stays true to vanilla and it gets my vote.


Now while looking through the comment section of the bloody version I came across a post of his where he did Draugr textures but because the armor he did looks different from cabal120's amidian book of silence he might not release it. Seeing how it is the best Draugr I have seen we need to convince him to release it even if it is just the body textures.


Edit: I suppose it helps if I provide a link.



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