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Some extras in Overwrite




My first post here. First off, thanks a bunch for your work!


I've been following the STEP Guide smoothly up to this point. I made a new profile in MO and named it STEP Core earlier, as part of setting up MO. I'm at 2.B. in the guide, I've just cleaned Update.esm successfully and made sure to check the 2 boxes upon closing TES5Edit.

Then I got outcome 1 (even though I have an SSD), namely that there was no Update.esm in the Data folder. So I followed instructions and opened Overwrite in MO, but there were four entries there instead of two as anticipated by the guide. I deleted the "TES5Edit Backups" folder since I had copied back the backup Update.esm as per instructions.


So now the remaining 3 entries in Overwrite are:


Update.esm (This is the one that should be there and it is slightly smaller than the original so that tells me the cleaning worked.)

Bashed Patch, 0.esp (Clearly created by WB?)

INI Tweaks (a folder, toggling the arrow doesn't show any contents. Was it made by BethINI?)


The instructions are telling me to right-click Overwrite in the left pane of MO and "Create Mod", but I assume the intention was to do that with only the cleaned Update.esm entry there, correct?

So I'm wondering what to do with the two other entries since they are not mentioned.

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It's been nagging me a little... My SSD is a Samsung 950 PRO (which should be pretty fast) which uses the NVMe technology, somewhat different from the 850's apparently. Is that what caused me to get outcome nr. 1? Or does it mean my SSD is not working as efficiently as it should? The Samsung Magician software shows up to date firmware and I've had zero issues. Has anyone else with NVMe SSD's had the same outcome? Probably just me overthinking, but I thought it would be worth asking.

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The exact reasons why some users get the different results are NOT known, we've surmised that drive speeds are an issue but to be honest we haven't a definitive answer.

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Ok, one further question. I just want to make sure I understand this correctly.


When cleaning a mod like this: https://wiki.step-project.com/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Rewritten-Arvak I get nothing in Overwrite. Upon looking into the file structure (right-click -> "Information..." -> "Filetree" tab) post-cleaning, I can see that the "TES5Edit Backups" folder is now present. But the main .esp file still has its original date, while the .esp in the "TES5Edit Backups" folder is dated to the time of cleaning. Has MO replaced the dirty .esp with the cleaned one and then redated it? Is that what's happened? Since I appear to be in this quirky outcome 1 category, I just wonder if there is a way to verify that the cleaning has actually worked. LOOT looks clean at least.


Edit: Labeled the time of cleaning, not actually dated. So to rephrase a little: When the "TES5Edit Backups" folder appears in the mod file structure in MO, has the cleaning still worked as intended?

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