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Problems with MO2 in Fallout 4



Hello there, ive been having trouble with MO2.

Whenever I try to download from the nexus I get the error "Nothing is associated with this" so I go to my MO settings and hit "associate with nmm links" then I try again and get the same error. I then try to go to nxmhandler.exe and...it opens in notepad?

Also I tried to create an instance of MO for New Vegas, however when the New Vegas MO 2 opened up it gave me....the fallout 4 stuff, so I dont know whats going on with that.

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nxmhandler.exe is the work around and I don't know how you are opening exe files in notepad, try running it via cmd prompt if needed, it should show up with link handling window which you can tinker with.


Also note MOO2 has been VERY unstable for FO4 with my testing compared to NMM, I did a HUGE mode install with NMM and it rarely crashed, then I did same huge mod build with MOO2 and its crashing quite regularly and I think its related to the VFS. Unfortunately MOO2 is mostly dead so I'd be surprised if its fixed..


Note: Works fine with SkyrimSE

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