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I am new to Mod Organizer. I'm using it with SkyrimSE and set it up by following the instructional videos provided by the YouTuber Gopher. I want to separate local saves using the profile feature of MO. I enabled local saves for all of the profiles I use. Additionally, I have transferred all saves to each individual profile. The save games show up under the saves tab with thumbnails and everything. And yet when I start the game, the game seems to not recognize the existence of any save games. The load button is grayed out and my only option is new game. When the saves are designated as "global saves" everything functions normally (but obviously the saves are not separated). 


Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be? Has anyone encountered this problem before?


Some additional information:

  • I have an SSD and HDD
  • Steam and all of my games are installed on the HDD 
  • My operating system is on the SSD
  • All of my mods/MO are installed on the HDD as well


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. 

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It is exactly that! Thank you so much. I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out. I really appreciate your help. Is that new beta on the nexus or github?

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Its been marked as a milestone so will only be released the next version. No Eta though.


If you join the discord channel, Gonna start releasing test builds there so people can test and let me know if bugs are fixed before we do a nexus/github release.

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Just warming up that older thread.  This Discord Channel that is mentioned by LePresidente, is this at this website?




Were there any test builds of MO2 uploaded in which the local savegame problem was addressed?  If so I'll open an account there and gladly download a version. I really miss that functionality of MO2. This was one of my favourite thingies in MO for old Skyrim. Too bad that development seems to have stopped on MO2.

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