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  1. Quick question: I tried searching to thread but couldn't find anything. For the life of me I can't find the DBM_Experience.esp in Lexy's LOTD Consistency Patches. It doesn't appear in the installer and doesn't appear when I install all. What am I missing? Thanks guys
  2. These mods go beyond the scope of the guide. I am one of the few people who uses the guide and more or less ignores the museum. I've added a handful of survival mods, and the CR is annoying but worth it imo. Become familiar with SSEedit, and anything you want to be compatible with the guide will be with enough work (not always true, but mostly true).
  3. Yea that's everything. Those are the only files that should be in your folder from ENB (which is impressive considering how beautiful it makes the game). I'm very excited about this reshade switch. I've always been a performance man over beautification. How's it look with the reshade so far? Alternatively you could just delete the ini since we don't have any use for it right?
  4. Always redo smashed patch as that is a conflict resolution tool. Anything that alters leveled lists without scripts will need to be added to bashed patch also FNIS needs to be rerun for anything adding animations
  5. Renaming esps is typically considered a no no. But since its a merge you made, it could break something or it could be fine. To be safe, I would just regenerate the merge.
  6. Any time glad I could help. I'd say the difficulty is exactly WHY I chose to use this guide in the first place. I don't like to fill the museum with every character I make, but the difficulty and added RP elements in the guide really make it something special to me. The base game felt like such a slog after a while because absolutely everything revolved around you, the main character.
  7. If I remember correctly, this file appears in the folder regardless of whether you install the Bruma patch or not. Yes, that is the proper order. LOTD Hi Res does not have an esp associated with it, and is not modified by the OMEGA LOTD consistency patch esp (i'm assuming this is what you're referring to when you say LOTD SE Patches) in any way. If you are referring to the LOTD Patches Merge that goes at the end after the Landscape Fixes For Grass Patches Merged and before Lucien Merged.
  8. Looking back at the Skyrim Revamped mod in the guide, instructions indicate you need to delete certain files. I would try starting from the Skyrim Revamped step and make sure to delete only the listed files, nothing more/nothing less. Then reinstall rustic alchemy and enchanting tables. If there is a purple enchanting table, you probably are missing a texture or MO can't find it.
  9. Under the Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch - Zim's Thane Weapon Displays section of the guide there is an update file that will take you to dropbox. That page will have the proper esp to use for the version of Zim used in the guide
  10. What? I'm just learning how xEdit works. It was really confusing until I found that guide and I figured I'd share in case anyone else was having the same problem. I wouldve linked it but I dont know the rules for outside links.
  11. Hey Guys! I don't know how many people using this guide are interested in learning about manual CR in xEdit, but I found a great guide on the skyrimmods subreddit! Just search manual patching Skyrim special edition and it should pop up. When you get past the 255 plugin limit (regardless of ESL flag), Mator Smash won't work anymore. Besides, its a really handy skill to have! Happy patching!
  12. Gotcha! :) Thanks for the advice! Everyone one here is so pleasant to talk to.
  13. When updating do we just download, install and overwrite old version or is that generally a no-no.
  14. Ah Well I was referring to the fact that finals are so soon. I'm currently in medical school so I AM pretty spooked about my finals xD. I love it but man is it stressful. And linguistics sounds incredibly interesting. Best of luck!!!
  15. Hey guys, sorry for all the questions, but is anyone else having their shield auto unequip when they put their weapon away? Is that a feature of the guide? EDIT: NVM I figured it out
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