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  1. Can you test this version for your BSA issues? The loot issue i'm not sure about, Log a bug in github about it it will be v2.1.0.1 if there are no issues https://mega.nz/#!lEgDnRAB!biKV_dJvfoXXYRRRG6MNRDgEXWy_kgit_ATXQlZO8i4
  2. Yea i did something bad will release a fix today, was meant to disable just the new bsa conflict check, looks like i disabled to much
  3. Hi, Modorganizer 2.1.0 has been released on nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6194 Happy holidays to all and hope you enjoy the release For the change log check: https://github.com/LePresidente/modorganizer/releases/tag/v2.1.0
  4. This should be fixed in the latest test build Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  5. Done a full release on discord so this issue has been fixed. Latest ChangeLog: Adds plugin file/mod cross highlighting in blue Updated lootcli and loot AP to 0.12.1 Fixed Creation Kit saves Fix for Wrye Bash and MCM Latest VFS changes. This corrects the .NET detection, adds CCC file parsing for CC ESLs, categorization improvements, and other fixes.
  6. discord server link is on the github page: https://github.com/LePresidente/modorganizer
  7. Beta builds will stay in discord for now till its in a kinda stable state.
  8. This is an issue with wyre-bash and will need to be fixed in wyre bash as well. Issue line: https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/blob/8c9537f103c30d05842bc3a2378a48e3619b978c/Mopy/bash/bash.py#L339 the Mo2 vfs will not allow wyre bash to create a file in the tmp directory then move that file to the game data dir, There is a flag --no-uac that wyre-bash shows in the command help list though it does not stop this function from running, I created a dev build that looks like it works with mo2 correctly though waiting for further feedback from testers. *Note if anyone is interest in compiling wyre bash with this fix*
  9. Updated main topic, Please read the 2.1.0 info
  10. No stress really, Just trying to avoid confusion that all. also never done a release on all the fixes I did for fallout4 and so on since i never did the new installer using wix lol. Also since this is a new qt version and so the minor version should jump as well. So will probably become 2.1.0 and we start from there the 2.0.8.x stuff was to get my head around the build process and release minor fixes using tannins existing codebase using the same qt version as he was
  11. Download this and extract to your dlls folder https://mega.nz/#!Rdolma4K!QON63VLmXl3tLHwFXOUoL6760hgfi97f2bbv2jdQ79M *Wait nvm those files are in his latest zip*
  12. @Helidoc are you on our discord channel? The QT5.9 stuff has had zero testing so general releasing is a bad idea, There are a few working on MO2 in the background now since umbrella became a bit more usable as well so collaboration is important instead of multiple people working on the same thing . Please if possible keep test builds on the discord channel where those testing understand stuff will break. Also regarding your github project please avoid using master as that is MO1 code. MO2 is in new_vfs_library and I forked off that and created the branch QT5.7 which was to get qt5.7 and up working. I do think you wanting to help is a very important assist to getting MO2 back on track just keep planning and work on the same page is important and avoid duplicate work. There is also someone completely reworking the build process and refactoring most of the code which we hope eventually will be the main project in the future as it will probably be easier to maintain https://github.com/ModOrganizer/modorganizer Don't ask me why my but tannin never did push stuff to master after he started MO2.
  13. Same thing happens with F4SE in fallout4 its not closing handles correctly. restart of MO2 will correct it though.
  14. my Master branch only uses Networkx 2.0 now, Though its for the drawing of the graphs which is not really required for the build process so I might just remove it.
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