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Static DoF in Skyrim SE?


I recently managed to migrate my old Skyrim mod setup to SE - surprisingly, with very little sacrifices. However, I`m a DoF fanatic and this is one thing where I`m stuck.


The native SE implementation is not great but not too bad either - functional. Something I could live with, however, I`m a weirdo who prefers "static" DoF instead of the usual one (where things in the background get blurry when you focus on something close by.) So basically, I`m after Static Mode from Dynavision.


Unfortunately, the Dyna`s author said it`s unlikely this mod will be ported any time soon. This prompted me to search around, and inevitably I landed in the ENB-land, previously avoided because I`m also a framerate fanatic. Once there, it wasn`t long before I discovered Marty McFly`s Advanced DoF. This thing completely blew me away - beyond beautiful -  sadly it also blew away my fps.


Since I`m a complete ENooB (same goes for Reshade/Sweet FX/etc) I have some questions:

-any idea on how to get that elusive static DoF in SE without need for ENB and its ilk?


-like I said, my fps tanked - I`m on i7 2600K+980Ti and dropped up to 20-30 fps depending on area/ambiance after enabling ENB. However I don`t really know what I`m doing so I just used some presets from Nexus...is it possible to use just the ADoF? I know there`s a "standalone" (for Reshade?). Would it be less fps-hungry on its own or is the DoF the main culprit?


Any suggestions/comments most appreciated.

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