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SkyProc and MO



Having an issue with MO and the SkyProc patchers. Big surprise, right?

Trying to install PerMa and DSR and I'm at my wits end with this nonsense. Every time I tried to run the patchers through MO it was throwing errors. The first errors were the missing masters problem almost everyone has when installing this junk. Checked everything, rechecked it, realized I had 64bit java installed and MO was trying to use that. Configured the patchers in MO to use 32bit and started getting a new error. Null pointer for PerMa and the same missing masters for DSR. Checked the PerMa nexus page and one of the fixes suggested for Null Pointer errors is to uninstall 64bit java, so I did. Restarted and now I'm back to missing masters again.


This isn't even going into details about MO throwing "failed to spawn LOOT" errors via the sort plugin button or selecting it from the launcher dropdown menu above it. Managed to work through that one somehow. Or the fact that I was getting "failed to spawn javaw" errors after the LOOT errors magically cleared up. The only reason I jumped into MO is because the newest version of NMM completely ***** the bed on installing mods now. Incomplete installs and random mod deactivations kinda ruins the "ease and usability" touted, not to mention ruining my previously working installs of Skyrim and Fallout 4.


I get that launchers are supposed to be easier and quicker, but jesus... with the amount of time I spent trying to get them to work right in the first place I could have manually installed everything like in the old days and be playing right now.


So, who amonst you has the know-how to make this work instead of me wasting another 5 hours trying to stumble my way through this?

Bite the bullet and install the old-fashioned way like some heathen?

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