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ENB Parameters



I have 2 questions, I read the guide but something confuses me still and I'm unable to get a 100% clear answer. I'm using Windows 10 by the way


While setting "AutodetectVideoMemorySize=true"


1) Does it disable only "VideoMemorySizeMb" parameter or it also disables "ReservedMemorySizeMb" parameter.


2) If i have more than 4GB VRAM and when set to true, it correctly finds out the value i.e "4064", can I leave it to true? 

Side note: Some authors like "Slothability" advise to keep it enabled while some others like "SkyrimTurner, etc" advice against it.

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1. Only affects VideoMemorySizeMB

2. Yes, that is all windows will report on 8+, win7 does not have this issue. For me its a difference of (22528/4096)

As for enabling/disabling it, early on it used to be weird and change values on each launch but today, I leave it enabled as it is consistent and accurate. 

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