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How to add a mod once the initial STEP is set up?



I got the STEP process all set up and running, and want to add another mod, once I got playing. To slow down the absurd magicka and health regen rates. 

I got the impression that I need to use wryebash to redo the bashed patch each time I add a mod? Is that correct?

Is that all need to do, besides reLOOTing it?


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Yes, use LOOT to sort your load order and then rebuild the bashed patch any time you add a new mod. If you are adding or changing weapons or armors, you'll need to rebuild the DSR patch. If you add or change animations, you'll need to run GenerateFNISForUsers to rebuild all the animations. If you add or change landscape or towns you'll need to re-run DynDOLOD.

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