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Mods hidden and general set up help



Hi guys, so I have managed to make my way through the guide to the point where I am now merging files. One issue I had is that the ruffled feathers mod package is now hidden, regardless, I passed over it and continued on through to the end, I'm now at the point of tidying things up and have become very confused, essentially stopping in my tracks. I merged the DynDOLOD package however the only DynDOLOD registering in my mod list is DynDOLOD Resources, so I was unsure where to place them, I tried skipping down and finishing the DynDOLOD set up, completed that but still nothing in the modlist, I am pretty confused on how to finish up with the guide now as I'm unsure if what I have done will work, the ELEF merge is also showing the cross saying no game data on top and any help would be greatly appreciated as I am not very competent in terms of modding, cheers

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