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ENB stopped loading injector?



Always worked fine.  I use Project ENB and have the dll proxy load d3d9injFX.dl..this has always worked.  I needed to do a fresh format so I backed up all my files and such (Very organized) and when I got everything back up..everything works except the ENB doesn't load the injector for some reason.  If I load just the injector..it works..but when I load the ENB and have it load the injector..it no longer no loads...


Tried many things to fix but am at a complete loss...my setup is identical to how it was before?


Any clues?

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Is your ENB loading in the first place when you boot up skyrim with it set up? You see the text in the top left corner when you boot it, right?


If ENB is working like it should in at least loading, then double check that you have EnableProxyLibrary=true and InitProxyFunctions=true in your enbseries.ini.


It does sound like you know what you're doing, but sometimes wierd stuff happens when you reinstall. Happens to me all the time.:yucky:


Another thing you can do is check your skyrimprefs.ini and make sure that bEnableFileSelection=1 and bFloatPointRenderTarget=1. When generating vanilla .inis I forget to check those sometimes too.

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Yes my ENB was loading just not the FXAA. Everything was identical, I kept all my old settings, inis etc etc...it was the below...not something that even dawned on me til I ran across it in a post somewhere...


Turns out that when I installed Skyrim and it installed DirectX it didn't install the latest runtimes...installing those fixed the problem...Thanks!

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