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Mod Organizer and MCM settings of Mods



Hello All,


I had to reconfigure my comp. recently and have installed skyrim with MO from scratch, earlier I was using NMM. This is a weird issue I am facing with MO. I have two profiles, both with Local Saves enabled and Auto archive off (as Skyrim is the only game I am playing as of now). 


When I start a new game (from MO of course), I get to the screen with the Alternate start mod (Skyrim unbound). I configure MCM settings of various mods and start the game. However, once I save the game and exit to desktop and relaunch the save, I get the Jaxonz mcm kicker, then a message that MCM has registered a number of menus, this number is very high, much more than what is the actual list of MCM entries. Once the messages are complete and I go into MCM, I see that all the MCM settings for all the mods have been reset to the default. 


Is there something I am doing wrong?


I have attached the load order.


Thank you for your help.


With Regards


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