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  1. TreeFullFallBack=1 worked. The process became very fast. In Olderim, I used to have only TreeLOD=0 and nothing else changed, I guess, it was what I should have tried in the first place. Btw, the game looks freakishly amazing, all thanks to you and many many modders, whose hard work shows. Thank you
  2. Will Do Sheson, for now, I shall await for this run to complete, thanks.
  3. Thanks, I have already set TreeFullFallBack=0 as per Mathy's recommendations
  4. Thank you Sheson, I had updated MS visual c++ as per your guide, but I cancelled the previous run (2048 i thought was too much for max tile size), downloaded, ran and repaired the c++ redis. (to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the install). Cleared all dyndolod data and cache and ran texgen and dydolod again. The LODGenx64 is still running after 14 hours now, with RAM being fully consumed. This time I ran the max tile size on 1024 for dyndolod (High settings of course). The program is running, not freezing or throwing any errors, so, I think it is expected behavior https://imgur.com/0wnfjXs Thank you.
  5. Thank you for prompt response, I am aware and expect a very long response
  6. Greedy as I am, I started DynDoLOD SSE with High settings, 3D trees, 2048 tile settings etc. Its been more than 12 hours since the LODGenx64.exe is running. Its not frozen, just finishing the LODs slowly. What I notice though, is that while the RAM is 99% utilized (I have 32 GB RAM), the CPU is hardly 3-4% utilized with a max peak of 10%, which is just rare fluctuations. Is there any way to utilize CPU better?
  7. Got it resolved. I had Perma earlier and a patch for one of the mods was still there. I removed it and things workout fine now.
  8. Hello All, I had to reconfigure my comp. recently and have installed skyrim with MO from scratch, earlier I was using NMM. This is a weird issue I am facing with MO. I have two profiles, both with Local Saves enabled and Auto archive off (as Skyrim is the only game I am playing as of now). When I start a new game (from MO of course), I get to the screen with the Alternate start mod (Skyrim unbound). I configure MCM settings of various mods and start the game. However, once I save the game and exit to desktop and relaunch the save, I get the Jaxonz mcm kicker, then a message that MCM has registered a number of menus, this number is very high, much more than what is the actual list of MCM entries. Once the messages are complete and I go into MCM, I see that all the MCM settings for all the mods have been reset to the default. Is there something I am doing wrong? I have attached the load order. Thank you for your help. With Regards loadorder.txt
  9. So far, it looks good to me. I Did have Skyfalls/Skymills earlier, but I removed it, i guess, that might have caused this issue. Also, I did try the Nifskope, but I am a total dud at it and did not fin any pointers to texture path for that NIF file. For now, I think everything looks fine, thanks a lot both of you :)
  10. Update: I removed the .nif file and the issue was gone. I see the wheel back to its normal texture again. Thanks a lot for your help SparrowPrince :)
  11. Hey, Thanks a lot. I posted in many places, with a hope that someone somewhere would have noticed this issue or could help me out. I shall check Nifskope, thanks for the suggestion. and I am not using DynDOLOD
  12. Hi There, I need some help with the Solitude Saw mill Water Wheel. As you may see in the image below, the water wheel has purple texture. This is the only Water wheel that has this issue. Other water wheels in Skyrim are fine. I am unable to isolate the cause of this problem, could someone please help? https://i.imgur.com/hpV8hcc.jpg In creation kit, this wheel is located to SSawWaterWheel, however, the Meshes seem to be pointing to the correct location. Thanks & Warm Regards,
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