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Skyrim Launcher window not showing after ENB installation.



Weird issue here.  The Skyrim Launcher window will never show when I try to launch Skyrim.  I've checked the Task Manager, and I can see the Launcher.exe process running, but not window.  Also, I tried loading straight from skselauncher.exe and got to the main menu.  I got a message that enbhost.exe failed, and I froze on the load screen and CTD.  Please help a noobie out!  I just built this PC last week, and it's my first foray into PC gaming!

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This is a known issue with the Skyrim Launcher, but you shouldn't be running Skyrim this way. Instead, you should run Mod Organizer and have Mod Organizer run skse_loader.exe to run Skyrim. The only time you run Skyrim Launcher is during the initial setup to set the resolution and graphics quality.

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