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Problems running 4gb Loader or NVSE to run thru Mod Organizer



So 've started usung STEP, which I used for Skyrim. Now i am using it for Fallout New Vegas, however, I can't get 4gb Loader or NVSE to run thru Mod Organizer. They both run from thier locations in the FallOut NV Root directory. I got to Tales from the burning Sands Mod. It worked at that point but by the time I got to UIO-UI Organizer none of them worked. I am a little ways thru and I'd hate to have to re-install for the 2nd time.. More then likely I will... Any leads to whats going wrong would be appreciated. 


Below is just a pic of the root directory.


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You need the proper version of FNV4GB loader that works with NVSE. cannot remember but i believe you load game thro that 4gb loader file (it's been awhile :P)

Goto https://nvse.silverlock.org

scroll down and look for this

* Is NVSE compatible with the "FNV4GB" loader that enables the large-address-aware (aka 4GB) flag?
 - Yes. Use this alternate loader.

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