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Need help with last step in STEP guide (pun intended)



Hi there,

I'm a first time MO user and STEP guide follower. I am at the last step in the guide where I have created a Bashed Patch and need to turn it into a mod. Unfortunately I misunderstood an instruction regarding the Mod Organizer itself regarding the Overwrite folder and I never really realized how to access it. When the instructions said to delete folders in it I just went to the Overwrite folder in Explorer and did it there. :wallbash:

Now I have found the Overwrite mod on at the bottom of the left pane in MO and I see my Bashed Patch and Doc folder but there is also a SKSE folder there :bat:

What do I do with it now? Should I just delete it and then proceed with creating a mod with the Bashed Patch?

Thanks in advance for any help :coffee:

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Look in the SKSE folder and see what's in there. If there are INIs or DLLs then they can be drag and dropped from the Overwrite window to the correct mod in the left panel. Usually the DLLs or INIs have the same name as the mod they come from or you can just take all the SKSE stuff and put that stuff in it's own mod folder.

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