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Installing TAZ ENB




Following this guide to installing TAZ at 15:00 he instructs to launch skyrim and close it. I've tried many different launch methods and waiting a few minutes before closing, but it does not generate the enblocal.ini file. The TAZ is installed properly, but I am missing the file. It seems like I am the first to have this issue. Any advice? Would it be possible for someone to give me a downloadable version of the ini file? Pressing shift enter entering the TAZ options I am unable to toggle many of the settings in which I need the ini file to do.

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You can just use the enblocal.ini with default settings found in the Wrapper version folder you download from enbdev.com. Then you will need to tailor it for your system using this. I didn't watch the video, but usually you launch Skyrim once initially to generate the default Skyrim.ini & Skyrimprefs.ini. Perhaps that is what he meant?

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