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MO won't recognize/launch executables...



I've looked through some of the other posts but didn't see this problem mentioned - if I missed it, apologies.


Anyway, I've got a fresh, stock copy of NV loaded (with a singular pistol mod downloaded as part of the tut but not activated) with NVSE installed and working properly through MO.


I installed "4GB Fallout New Vegas Updated" and can run it successfully with it's own launcher. However, when I attempt to integrate it into MO via the Modify Executables interface I...just can't. I enter the correct binary location (within the root Fallout New Vegas folder) and although the "Add" option will un-grey, when I click it the entry isn't added to the list and all the fields go blank. I have tried setting the "Start in" value, to no avail. Disabled AV for a few tries, no change. Manually running as admin, btw, and have faithfully followed EssArrBee's instructions as well.


I tried to add a test NVSE shortcut and it exhibited the same behavior - MO absolutely refuses to add anything to the executables list. It will happily take down the location information, enable the "Add" button and as soon as I click on it, poof, everything vanishes and the loop begins anew. Some setting has got to be screwy, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. Any help or insight you guys could provide would be most appreciated, as always.


[spoiler=Ready to hit Add...]post-6597-0-38176300-1441461601_thumb.png



[spoiler=The sad result]post-6597-0-79414700-1441461636_thumb.png


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This is a known issue in Mod Organizer 1.3.10. A possible workaround is to click on an existing executable in the list, modify all the textboxes for the new executable you want to add, and then click Add. This should add the new executable to the list according to the workaround noted in the Bug Genie.

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