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MO Doesnt show installed mods



So i installed MO again yesterday and everything was going fine, got aobut 130 mods installed right away.   Everything was fine ingame, good framerate no crashes.  Yesterday i never closed it the whole time I installed mods and launched the game.  No i didnt install mods while the game was running.   But today i tried using a ModOrganizer.exe i found on my computer and it wanted me to choose a game.  Didnt show skyrim so i chose Browse and chose my Skyrim folder.   The problem is it isnt showing any of the mods i installed through MO.  It only shows the manually installed mods in the unmanaged section.   So basically how do i launch MO so it shows all my installed mods?  See alot of mod files in my recycling bin but they may be the same ones from my previous deletion of all my skyrim mods.   Still shows SKSE as a launch option since it a was manual install.  Hope to get help soon thanks.  Also it doesn't show any of my download history.  I used the restore option in recycling bin but i still cant find my mods.


Okay so i found another topic similar to this one.  Apparently my folder may have been set to TEMP.   Unless someone tells me how to reinstall easily i'm going to start reinstalling all my mods again :l

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Every instance of ModOrganizer is a separate 'portable' program, ie. everything needed to install and run your modded games are stored in files and folders directly under the folder that contains the MO executable.


Now, if you have several copies of ModOrganizer lying around there is no way for them to tell each other which game has already been cared for and they will 'assume' they are the first. It falls to you to know where you have installed MO and the mods that you want, there is no standard that is adhered to.


What concerns me though is you say when you ran MO, Skyrim wasn't a valid option in the game selection. Was it the first time you ran MO? What setup are you running, is this a legitimate game? MO checks the registry for settings to confirm the game is installed, so if there are no legitimate registry settings there is nothing MO can do about that.


Unfortunately a lot of what you are describing is just poor computer skills on your part, no offense, simply stating a fact.

You need to know some basic knowledge about where files go and how to set up basic options. If I may suggest you watch the many tutorial videos and read through the wiki about MO.

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