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Possible to use Symbolic Links with the Mod Organizer folder?



Hello all!  I've decided that instead of doing a straight upgrade-in-place for Windows 10, I'd like to install it fresh on a new SSD.  I'd also like to put Skyrim on the SSD, as I play it often enough to warrant it, however with the amount of mods I run (STEP: Extended + 2 STEP packs and about two dozen other non-step mods), installing the mods on the SSD as well would kill my SSD in a heartbeat.  What I'm wondering is if it is possible to put the Mod Organizer folder (and everything in it) on my HDD and link it back to its "proper" place in the SSD using Symbolic Links, and still have everything run as it should?  Thanks!

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There's no need for symbolic links to have MO on your HDD and the OS & Skyrim on the SSD.

Simply install MO on the HDD and have it look to the game executables as per normal, there is no need to have MO anywhere near the Skyrim install, especially in a folder under the Skyrim root folder.


Though if your SSD is big enough I'd install MO and have its 'mods' folder on the SSD but have the 'downloads' on the HDD.

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