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MO and LOOT 0.8.0 Possible Problem.



Hello! My first post on the site, sorry for any grammar killing, not my home language :Z

Well, let's go. I've decided to move from NMM to MO, and for the start, everything were working fine.

Spent the day watching tutorials from the GamerPoets series, and consulting the S.T.E.P Wiki.

But then, now that all the mods are installed, and i were ready to try my first play with MO, i've remembered, that i should do the FNIS patch again, and decided to run LOOT once more,  before going in. 
Well, this is were **** started to get down, simple, i've tested, and for some reason, LOOT 0.8.0 (Wich i've updated from the 0.7.1) simple doesn't sort inside MO, nor it opens the report window. 

I've run LOOT thorught MO, even tried to add --single-process to the argument, as some for some users, it appears to solve for then, but for me, sadly not.


I'm currently using MO 1.3.8 and LOOT 0.8.0.

I knoww that LOOT 0.8.0 is a new realease, so could it be a bug on it?
There would be a problem if i returned to the 0.7.1 version?
Or is it a problem with MO 1.3.8 and i should return to some MO older version?


Thx in advance, and sorry if someone allready have posted this problem, i've searched and haven't seen any recent post releated to the exact problem i've got here =X

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When you first run LOOT 0.8 from Mod Organizer, you should see a little box at the top saying it's parsing, merging, etc. to get ready. If you then click the sort button, you should see a message saying it's loading plugin contents and finally Apply and Cancel buttons should appear at the top of the LOOT window. Click Apply and you're done.


LOOT does not show a separate report window because all the information is live right within the main window.


But yeah, stick with running LOOT as an executable and keep it up-to-date.

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No you're misunderstanding. There is no report if you use the 'Sort' button regardless of which version of LOOT you have installed. MO will display some of the information from what would be on the report in the main UI itself and future versions of MO may incorporate more details as desired.


The 'Sort' button is a stripped down version of LOOT. If you want the reporting and metadata editing features of LOOT, use the full tool as an executable run from MO.


As to 'not sorting', it may just be the case that the algorithm LOOT uses doesn't see any need to change the order for the list of plugins you have.


There is also a possibility that you have something odd happening. Perhaps you have your load order files set as read-only or perhaps another tool is looking at them and they are currently locked. I would suggest though that it is in fact working and you are expecting to see a different order than what you are getting. If you follow the guides provided here or the video tutorials you should have a working LOOT from inside MO.

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Is it really not sorting or is the load order correct so it doesn't seem to change? One of the recent changes with LOOT is the stabilization of the sort order so you can run it twice and you shouldn't notice a difference on the second run.

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Ohh my...
Thx ppl =3
I think i've just got a little crazy, kuz i were seeing the GamerPoets tutorials and something must have been mixed up ;\
Thx for the attention everybody. 


But, on another subject, on the tutorial about FNIS he says, that after patching FINIS, i should rebuild my BashedPatch, but on the Bashed Patch tutorial, he says the oposite, that after building my BashedPatch, i should rerun the FNIS and SkyProcs. 
That literaly got me crazy for some moments, could someone explain the order i should do it?
Thx in advance, again :3

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