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Look for techniques for tracking down "problem" mods

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I have installed F&L, and have made a few additions.


Now I have odd bug. Sometimes when entering into a new area, I will see the "red triangle" over several object.


I know that means missing meshes.


My issues is that I'm not sure how I can tell witch of the 135+ mods I have installed might be causing the issue.


Too make matter more confusing, if I see this issue, and restart the game, the "triangles" are fixed.



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You have to be a little smart. Look at the object that has the supposed missing mesh. If it's a weapon, start with all the weapon mods. If it's clutter, look at the clutter type mods. 


But if you do have 135+ mods installed, it's likely you may be over the plugin limit and this might be what's causing your problem.

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Yes all the BSA's are checked... 


Auto Invalidation is on.

Make sure Fallout - Invalidation.bsa is at the top of the list. If this file is missing then toggle the setting in the orifile manager and move it to the top.

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